Social Media Marketing

Social media can bring more visitors to your website which results in increasing number of customers. It is the best tool to connect to the customers with less expense. Pixelplatter provides complete digital marketing solutions for businesses and services. We at pixelplatter produce quality content for search engines and social media sites. Well planned and executed ad campaign on various social media platforms will help the clients to reach out the target customers and to generate leads. Pixelplatter offers quality graphics online media.


Video Marketing

We provide contextual and personalized ads to be published in theaters, youtube and other social media channels at affordable rates. Video editing works of short films, and documentary can be done at an affordable price. Video marketing seems to be the longer term of digital marketing. It’s a great way to tell a story and to convey an idea that’s a lot stronger than using just text. Pixelplaaters has a very creative and dedicated team which creates beautiful video content for social sharing, advertisements and promotional videos, explainer videos, audio visual reports etc.


Search Engine Optimization

It is the process of tweaking the marketing strategy in a way that, when potential customers search for something specific that a brand is selling, that specific brand is one among the highest results. Being one of the top results is the key element here, because most people don’t really want to spend a lot of their time trying to figure out what they’re looking for, and tend to stick to the first few websites that Google picks for them in a search.


Google Adwords/email marketing

Google adwords is a service by which more visitors can be brought to the website through display ads in mobiles, tabs and desktops. We do localized ads for the small business which are highly target oriented.
Email marketing is targeting or communicating consumers through electronic mail. We collect emails of potential customers through various channels and send them graphically rich HTML emails. Anyone who subscribes the emails from the website will receive emails from the company on promotions, offers, new launch etc.