About US

Extracurricular activities are as important as academic activities for any child’s overall development. For a well-rounded growth of a student knowledge of social skills is very essential. So education has to be beyond the boundaries of the class rooms. Extracurricular activities help the students to improve not just the marks but also helps in better time management, improves leadership qualities, self-esteem etc. Pixelplatter offers several extracurricular activities at different levels. In these activities students learn new skills which helps them to face the daily life in a more competitive way. Many times it has been seen that these activities become their career in future. Pixelplatter a startup venture is aiming at providing these extracurricular activities to the students of primary and higher secondary school students across India. Students learn traditional and digital tools of animation, photography, clay modelling, video editing and many other digital tools. The projects help them to learn and understand the digital technology and to enhance the creativity.